Wednesday, May 11, 2016

GREBE featured in the news!

GREBE's Outreach Committee was recently featured in The Knoxville News- Herald for some recent outreach at Greenback School. Committee members involved sixth graders in three different activities, such as an investigation on termite behavior, DNA extraction, and ecosystem construction through terrariums.

Great work, grads!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

EEB Awards!

EEB recently held an Awards Ceremony, and the following grad students were honored:

Outstanding Publication by a Graduate Student- Zach Marion (Fitzpatrick Lab)
Sandy Echternacht Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student- Ian Ware (Bailey Lab)
Outstanding Outreach and Community Servce- Rachel Fovargue (Armsworth Lab)
Best Progress towards Dissertation- Michael Van Nuland (Schweitzer Lab)
Thomas G Hallam Appreciation Award (nominated by GREBE)- Zach Marion (Fitzpatrick Lab)
Outstanding Master's Thesis- Nate Sutton (Armsworth Lab)
Jim Tanner Outstanding Dissertation- Austin Milt (Armsworth Lab)

We further congratulate the following graduate students who received graduate student awards from the Division of Biology:

Hollaender Award- Rachel Wooliver (Schweitzer Lab) and Ian Ware (Bailey Lab)
Fite Award- Zach Marion (Fitzpatrick Lab)

GREBE Election results

Hey GREBE members,

The new GREBE Officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:

President- Angela Chuang, 3rd year, Riechert Lab
Vice President- Jordan Bush, 2nd year, Simberloff Lab
Treasurer- Miranda Chen, 1st year, Schussler Lab
Secretary- Chloe Lash, 1st year, Kwit Lab


Thanks to all who participated in the elections, and big thanks to the officers who made this year a great success! This includes Cassie Dresser (President, fall semester), Tyler Poppenwimer (Vice President, spring semester), Christopher Peterson (Treasurer), and John Reese (Secretary). We appreciate your service!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

GREBE Officer Nominations and Last Meeting of the Year

Our LAST GREBE meeting of the year will be next Friday (April 22), in 427 Hesler, from 12-1:30PM and will feature our grad reps and what they learned from serving on the search committees. 

We are now soliciting nominations for the 2016-2017 GREBE Officer positions, which will be revealed at this meeting, so submit them via the Google form below by Thursday, April 21. Do let us know if you are nominating yourself, as this will save us the extra step of confirming that you are interested in a position you have been nominated for. 

If you are thinking about running for a position, please consider talking to the students who are currently or have previously served to better understand the duties and time commitment involved.