Wednesday, February 3, 2016

EEB Collaborations!

In preparation for Recruitment Weekend, Jordan Bush is collecting information about intra-departmental collaborations that EEB grad students are involved in. Specifically, these are projects outside of your dissertation that involve faculty, post-docs, or other graduate students (i.e. you wouldn't list yourself as being in a collaboration with your advisor unless it's for a side project that is not a chapter in your dissertation). Our objective is to create a network figure that shows departmental collaborations from a graduate student-level (as opposed to faculty-faculty collaborations).

Please fill in your information so we can accurately represent the breadth of interactions within our department! 

Below is what last year's figures look like!

Figure 1. Connections within a lab, with professors indicated in black and graduate student names indicated in red. This functions as a null model for comparison with actual professional collaborations within the department. 

Figure 2. Collaborations within the department that involve grad students, as reported in February 2015. Professors are indicated in black and grad students are indicated in red. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Update: Grant Opportunities

In case these aren't on your radar yet, check out these upcoming grant deadlines!
American Society of Naturalists Student Research Awards; $2000; for PhD candidates; due Jan 31

Sign up for Lightning Talks

Hi everyone, 

Recruitment Weekend is February 19-21 this year, and as part of EEB tradition, the Friday afternoon seminar will be given by grad students. This is a way for the department to showcase the breadth of research that grad students are involved in. 

Like last year, GREBE is soliciting volunteers to fill 6-7 slots for lightning talks. These talks will be 5 minutes long, with approximately 2 minutes for questions afterwards. 

These talks WILL fulfill your 2nd-4th year seminar obligations, if you are currently enrolled. 

To sign up to give a talk, please fill out this form. Since GREBE anticipates more sign ups than usual, we ask that you sign up by Sunday, 11:59 PM, as we intend to select speakers by Monday. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

GREBE movie night!

Hey folks,

In tribute to David Bowie, we will be watching Labyrinth tonight at 7:30PM in 427 Hesler (the conference room). The event is free, and GREBE will be providing popcorn and hot chocolate as snacks. Please bring your own bowls and mugs, though! Post-docs and significant others are welcome to attend.