Friday, June 22, 2012

Call for EEB T-Shirt Designs!

Hello EEB Graduate Students!

Your friendly neighborhood GREBE officers have decided that it's time for an EEB t-shirt.  The t-shirts we sell will serve as both a fundraiser for GREBE (aka: Travel Grants) and a great way to show off your EEB Pride.

If you've got a design or a fun idea, please send it to Sharon ( no later than July 16th.  Depending on printing costs, we'll pick 2 or 3 designs and get an assortment of sizes. (if your design is picked, you'll get a free t-shirt!).

Suggested themes:
1. a GREBE logo
2. an EEB logo
3. a funny biology-themed idea

Printing is cheapest if we can stick to one color, so try to come up with a design that works with one color.

This is your chance for some cool GREBE or EEB branding!

See the two attached pictures for t-shirt logos from other departments.

-The GREBE Officers

T-Shirt design (Back) for the University of Hawaii at Hilo

T-shirt design for the Entomology Department