GREBE Officers

President: Riley Bernard

Riley is from Scotts Mills, Oregon (a bustling town of 300). She completed her undergraduate  degree at Linfield College (Oregon) in Environmental Science. In 2008, she moved to Hilo, HI to work on a Master's of Science that focused on the dietary overlap between the Hawaiian hoary bat and the invasive coqui frog. Now Riley is pursuing her PhD in Ecology by observing the acoustic and winter behavior of bats in Tennessee.
*Fun Fact: Riley was an All-American 400 meter low hurdler (Division-III) at Linfield College.

Vice President: Katie Massana
*Education: Katie is from the beautiful, but overpopulated Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. In 2012, she graduated from Berea College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Biology. As an undergraduate, she studied the behavior and electrophysiology of the parasite Proterometra macrostoma and the replication of the Herpes simplex virus. Since then, she has been pursuing a PhD at the University of Tennessee, where she has been studying sunflower systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography.
*Fun Fact: Katie has an intrinsic fascination of sharks, and secretly desires to go shark diving one day!

Secretary: Christine Dumoulin

*Education: Christine is from upstate New York, not too far from the infamous Howe Caverns. She has a Bachelors degree in Physics from McGill University, and a Masters in Plant Biology and Conservation from Northwestern University. As a PhD student here at UTK, she studies conservation planning and theoretical ecology.

*Fun Fact: Christine is also a co-author on a medical device patent.

Treasurer: Joe Hughes

*Fun Fact: 

Past GREBE Officers:

President: Sara Kuebbing
Vice President: Riley Bernard
Secretary: Lacy Chick
Treasurer: Sharon Clemmensen

President: Katie Stuble
Vice President: Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
Secretary: Lacy Chick
Treasurer: Sara Kuebbing

President: Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
Vice President: Katie Stuble
Secretary: Romina Dimarco
Treasurer: Sara Kuebbing

President: Matt Niemiller
Vice President: Graham Reynolds
Secretary: Audra Galasso
Treasurer: Premal Shah

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