GREBE Officers

President: Angela Chuang

*Education: Angela comes from the Bay Area in California, where she completed a B.Sc. at the University of California Berkeley. She majored in Molecular Environmental Biology with a concentration in Entomology, which is a fancy way of saying that she has chased down (and accidentally aspirated) her fair share of insects and spiders in her day. After a year of various post-graduate international field research experiences, she began her PhD at UT in Dr. Susan Riechert's lab. Angela is currently a 3rd year student with broad interests in invasion biology, behavioral ecology, arachnology, and a handful of other -ologies. 

*Fun Fact: I like big bugs and I cannot lie. 

Vice President: Tyler Poppenwimer

*Education: Although Tyler was born in the US, he grew up just outside Cambridge, UK. He spent 16 years there before deciding to move back to the US, to Wooster, Ohio, where he completed his B.A. at The College of Wooster. He majored in Mathematics and Biology where he used mathematical and computation models to study plant community dynamics. After Wooster, he made his way south and began his graduate studies at UT in Dr. Lou Gross's lab. Tyler is a second year PhD student interested in studying how below-ground community dynamics can shape above-ground community dynamics and vice versa and hopes to study this by using individual-based and mathematical models.

*Fun Fact: Tyler is absolutely obsessed with Hard Rock shirts and wears them all the time. Seeing Tyler without a Hard Rock shirt has been likened to having a black cat cross your path whilst walking under a ladder. 

Secretary: John Reese

*Education: John was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and thought that it was awesome enough
that he should stay for an extra four years and get his Bachelor's degree at Moravian College. After taking a couple of years off, he started his Master's degree in the Williams Lab at UTK in the Fall of 2013, eventually decided to switch to a Ph.D. His research interests are plant reproductive evolution and development. Other tangential scientific interests include the evolution of chemical herbivore defenses in plants, neuroscience and cognition, and philosophy of science.

*Fun fact: John doesn't believe in fun or facts. Alternatively, he can't think of what to put here. 

Treasurer: Christopher Peterson

*Education: Christopher is from Ocean Springs, MS. He earned his B.S. in Biological Science at the University of Arkansas. He is a third year Masters student in Sandy Echternacht's lab and is studying whether color variation in Anolis conspersus is associated with wider ecological, morphological, or genetic variation. Other research interests include evolutionary ecology, invasive species, biostatistics, and herpetology. 

*Fun fact: Rumors that his hat is responsible for [Redacted] are entirely unfounded.

Past GREBE Officers:
President: Christine Dumoulin
Vice President: Rachel Fovargue
Secretary: Cassie Dresser
Treasurer: Brian Looney
President: Riley Bernard
Vice President: Katie Massana
Secretary: Christine Dumoulin
Treasurer: Joe Hughes
President: Sara Kuebbing
Vice President: Riley Bernard
Secretary: Lacy Chick
Treasurer: Sharon Clemmensen
President: Katie Stuble
Vice President: Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
Secretary: Lacy Chick
Treasurer: Sara Kuebbing
President: Mariano Rodriguez-Cabal
Vice President: Katie Stuble
Secretary: Romina Dimarco
President: Matt Niemiller
Secretary: Audra Galasso
Treasurer: Sara Kuebbing
Vice President: Graham Reynolds
Treasurer: Premal Shah

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