There are many ways graduate students can get involved in outreach (great for getting in those "Broader Impacts" for NSF grants AND mandatory for receiving GREBE Travel Awards). Here are just a few:

  • As of Fall 2016, we have newly formed an Outreach Committee within GREBE dedicated to providing students with local outreach opportunities. Watch out for further updates!
  • Kids U is a summer program for students in 4th - 12th grade and run through the University's Office of Outreach.  EEB graduate students are encouraged to suggest and lead courses throughout the summer. This is GREBE's primary source of funding for Travel Awards. Current courses offered by GREBE grad students in the summer of 2016 will be:
  1. Bugs (Sharon Clemmenson and Tyson Paulson)
  2. Plant Kingdom (Jayne Lampley, Aaron Floden)
  3. Vertebrate Zoology (Angela Chuang and Jordan Bush)
  4. Snakes Alive! (Evin Carter, Todd Pierson, and Lindsey Hayter)
  5. Animal Behavior (Domonique Hatton)
  6. Friend or Foe? Species Interactions (Chloe Lash, Morgan Roche, Hailee Korotkin)
      Vertebrate Zoology 2015 @ the Knoxville Zoo

      Vertebrate Zoology 2012 @ the Knoxville Zoo
      Snakes Alive! 2012 @ the Knoxville Zoo

      • Boo at the Zoo is a annual fundraiser for the Knoxville Zoo.  The McCracken Lab typically sets up a booth all about bats and recruits volunteers to help man the booth.  For more information, contact Veronica Brown.
      Information table @ Boo at the Zoo 
      Information table @ Boo at the Zoo 

      Riley Bernard in the UTK Bat Booth @ Boo at the Zoo 2012
      •  EEB Prospective Student Recruitment Weekend.  All graduate students are welcomed and encouraged to assist with hosting prospective students when they are invited in the spring to visit campus.  Students are needed to shuttle students to and from the airport and off-campus events and to provide Saturday entertainment (hiking, tour of Knoxville, etc) for visiting students.  
      • Darwin Day is an annual event hosted by many University departments. Darwin Day was created by former EEB professor Dr. Massimo Pigliucci in February of 1997. It is a volunteer-run event dedicated to informing the public about evolution and its importance as a unifying concept in all of biology.  EEB graduate students have traditionally played a critical role in continuing Darwin Day.